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Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group (“PMG”) has consulted with various companies, non profits, brands and products offering expert advice across all aspects of sales, marketing, public relations and program activation. PMG has a unique perspective as a celebrity and athlete agency on how best to utilize talent effectively. Additionally, our expertise in selling sponsorships, endorsements, licensing and events has created a knowledge base which our corporate clients have greatly benefited from.

Too many corporate consultants live and die by the motto, “Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Teach”. At PMG, we can do and we can teach! It has been our philosophy to immerse our collective expertise into a project as if we were full time employees of the organization that we consult. At PMG, our goals are not strictly revenue driven and burning and churning clients. As we will show below, many of our clients have been with PMG for many years. This long term relationship is based on success, trust and hard work.

The following case studies which will illustrate a diversity and breathe of experience that our team of consultants possesses.

asca-logoIn 2002, PMG’s President Evan Morgenstein met with John Leonard, the Executive Director of The American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) to discuss how the two organizations could create a relationship focused on benefiting the largest member organization of swim coaches in the world. There were many objectives discussed and goals established at those initial meetings. What the two parties came away with was a mutual understanding of the importance of coaches being thoughtful leaders, inspirational role models and influencers to millions of children across the country.

In addition to representing ASCA and its 7,600+ coaches that work with over 1 million competitive swimmers, it was determined that PMG would also represent ASCA’s learn to swim/drowning prevention program called SwimAmerica. SwimAmerica consists of 653 program directors that execute lessons for over 800,000 children which translates to over 16,000,000 lessons taught. Close to 90 percent of these lessons are accompanied by a parent, usually the mother.

PMG’s Role

Sponsorship Sales
Non Profit Consulting
Licensing Manager
Partnership Advisor

PMG has created well over $2 million in revenue for ASCA/SwimAmerica over its tenure (2002-Present) as its agency of record. This long term relationship has been mutually beneficial with non-endemic companies such as Kimberly-Clarke and Heinz activating programs as well as swim oriented companies like Colorado Timing Systems and many others.


puresport-logoIn 2008, HPL/PureSport came to PMG for the purpose of signing several of their elite Olympic clients as spokespeople. HPL was a start up in the sports/recovery drink space that possessed several very important assets:

-> Science: Dr. John Ivy, one of the foremost authorities on the utilization of protein in sports and recovery drinks
-> Solid business plan
-> Significant backers with the willingness to fund the growth of the company and brand
-> Distribution model that was well founded and realistic for hot entry

Within one year, HPL signed three of PMG’s elite clients, Aaron Peirsol, Nastia Liukin and Brendan Hansen. All Olympic medalists were incredible spokespeople and were getting amazing benefits from utilizing HPL’s PureSport sports and recovery drink products. They were able to train harder, longer and recover faster with virtually no post workout aches and pains.

Through the significant hours of conversations with HPL’s senior management, it became very evident that several specific areas within the company’s plans for success were not being addresses sufficiently:

Develop an advanced Sports Marketing plan including specification of core market segments and strategy for event sponsorship.
Evaluation of existing event sponsorship and athlete endorsements.
Negotiating expertise for future sponsorship and endorsements.
Establish an activation plan to leverage current athlete and event assets more effectively.
Create a strategy to support sales efforts and the various distribution partners.
Attend partner and funding meetings to present a concise marketing strategy and execution plan.
Secure polling data on the effectiveness of one of the brand’s spokespeople after a negative public event.
PMG’s Corporate Consulting division was retained to focus on solving these areas of unfulfilled opportunity to grow the brand and increase sales. The results have been substantial increases in product sales, distribution, account acquisition, valuation of corporate partners and brand identification. PMG’s analytic analysis coupled with significant “real life” experience has provided various clients a unique look into their current conditions and lost opportunities.

For more information, contact Evan Morgenstein, President/CEO, at 919-459-5426 or