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Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group (“PMG”) has consulted with some of the biggest companies in the world on celebrity and athlete endorsements, motivational speakers, and social media influencer collaborations. We offer expert advice across sales, marketing, social media and public relations. The team at PMG has experience in both assisting companies in their celebrity, social media influencer and athlete acquisition search or offering our handful of exclusive clients such as Jen Selter who has over 33 million followers across her social network platform.

Searching for motivational speakers, celebrity spokespeople or social media stars for brand collaborations are second nature to the staff at PMG. Having worked with some of the greatest names in sports such as Magic Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, Venus Williams, Mark Spitz, Dara Torres, Michael Phelps, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Edwin Moses, Walt Frazier, Bill Walton, Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and many others, our team has a full breadth of knowledge how to execute events and marketing campaigns with top celebrity talent.

PMG specializes in vetting and negotiating fees of sports stars and social media influencers for events and marketing campaigns. Our ability to cut through the clutter and get down to bottomline cost accelerates the process and saves the client substantial dollars that can be reinvested into the project or other initiatives. When you know what a celebrity, sports star or social media influencer costs and what they can and can’t do, it effectively gives you a power in the marketplace.

The industry of consulting has changed so much with the increased requirement of influence via social media that having repped one of the largest and most influential social stars in Jen Selter, we have learned how to reach someone’s followers and create real engagement rarely seen in this industry. Additionally, we have created collaborations with influencers that have produced tens of millions of views.

Micro influence and influencers have become such an essential aspect of brands overall marketing strategies. Representing Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc, the sisters behind the exploding country group Diamond Dixie, have over 500,000 followers across all of their channels including Instagram and YouTube. They have collaborated with companies such as Neutrogena, Diff Eyewear, Corral boots and many others. This experience working with two of the top micro influencers who have incredible engagement and ROI have really provided the PMG team an incubator to work on various strategies in the micro influencer market.

For more information, contact Evan Morgenstein, President & CEO, at 919-332-0584 or