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Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group

PMG has one of the longest and most successful histories of developing social media influencers in the health, fitness and lifestyle categories. From it’s early inception in 2013, PMG worked with many of the top early fitness influencers. Since then, the company headed by Evan Morgenstein, has signed the biggest social media fitness influencer in the world, Jen Selter.  Jen’s audience and reach is almost hard to comprehend. With over 33 million followers, Jen has built a business like no other. Not only does Jen have accounts in her own name on Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat, but also owns and operates other accounts with millions of followers such @couplesgoals, @thatbikini, @gymlooks, @motivationforfitness, @squatspo, @idreamaboutfood, and several others. Jen’s expertise of aggregating millions of gen-Xers and millennials stands alone.

PMG has built incredible executions with social media influencers and companies such as AT&T, Beats by Dr. Dre, Sprint, Completely Bare, Perfumania, GymShark, BeBe, Diff Eyewear, Corral Boots, Herbal Essences, Outdoor Voices, Revolve, and many others. The expertise garnered from executing some of the most dynamic social media campaigns has given the PMG team an industry leading reputation. With industry leaders like Jen Selter, who has amassed a massive business that PMG handles securing deals, monetization of her accounts, brand management and brand strategy development, the company has acquired best in category experience at building corporate collaborations.

Additionally, PMG represents one of the hottest emerging country acts in America, sisters  Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc of Diamond Dixie.  The sisters have stormed both the music and social world with their amazing originals, cool covers of other artist’s songs and exploding social presence. Known for creating incredibly engaging video content, Diamond Dixie has well over 500,000 followers to their credit.

When you are searching to hire social media influencers, think of PMG as your destination location for exclusives or consulting on fulfilling your brand requirements for micro influencer and celebrity campaigns and collaborations.

Contact PMG President & CEO Evan Morgenstein to learn more about opportunities for collaboration with PMG’s social media influencers via email at or call (919) 332-0584.