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Social Media Star Jen Selter Named World’s Fitness and Health Influencer of the Year

Monaco’s S.A.S princess Stéphanie hosted IAM’s prestigious event where social media star Jen Selter was recognized.

Social media star Jen Selter attended the prominent IAM Influencer Awards at the Meridien Beach Plaza de Monaco hosted by S.A.S princess Stéphanie de Monaco on October 7th, 2018. The PMG client was up for the Fitness and Health Influencer of the Year award and was honored to receive it.

“I am so thankful to have won this award,” said Selter. “I hope to continue to motivate people all around the world to work towards being the best version of themselves. Together we can inspire each other and make better decisions about our wellbeing. Thank you to all my fans and followers who have supported me along the way and keep on Seltering!”

The social media queen has scored huge partnerships in 2018, becoming the face of Bebe’s Fall/Winter athleisure collection, being one of the highest downloaded and performing influencers on Fitplan, a fitness based mobile app, and partnering with footwear and clothing company StockX/Supreme among many others. Selter’s year of success isn’t over as she is due to launch her own international meal and diet plan in the next seven days just in time for the holiday season and “new year, new you”.

Selter continues to grow her audience of over 33 million followers by providing health and fitness, workout, and lifestyle tips to her massive audience from around the world. She was one of the first Instagram stars to post fitness imagery on the popular social media platform. The New York native never imagined Instagram becoming the massive success that it has today.

Evan Morgenstein, Selter’s agent, commented, “Jen isn’t iconic in just one way. Being the first comes with taking huge risks, and Jen has never been afraid. Whether it was the first to post fitness imagery on Instagram, the ‘belfie’, or building a media empire with 33 million followers with accounts focused on health, fitness, lifestyle, food, and relationships, Jen is a visionary.”

To work with Jen Selter on corporate partnerships and/or nonprofit initiatives, please contact Evan Morgenstein at evan(at) or call (919) 332-0584.

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