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It’s Time the International Olympic Committee Gets Serious, Ban Russia! Or Not…


If you haven’t heard, WADA, the world anti-doping agency has come out with a report that Russia is involved with a systemic doping program which harkens back to the days of the East Germans, in their track and field program. The number of failed tests, results that have shown high levels of masking agents to hide positive tests and other variables have led to WADA making this statement.

It’s time for the International Olympic Committee to step up and make a decision, are we going to be serious about our efforts to keep the Olympics clean or should we just say screw it and let the freak games begin? I don’t think it is as easy a decision as you might think. Remember the 90’s mammoth home run battle between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire? Commonly known now as “the steroid era” in major league baseball. Love it or hate it, record TV viewers, sponsorships and salary increases came with this reverse engineering of human performance. So you must ask yourself, do you really care if the athletes are doping because the performances are so out of this world? It’s already been proven that many athletes don’t give a shit if they die young and leave any type of discernable corpse. They are wired for fame, victories and money. Why do we care if the athletes continue to make a mockery of the rules?

Let’s think about this… Who wouldn’t want to see some of the following at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016?

* Clean and Jerks of over 5,000lbs

* Usain Bolt being lapped in the 100m

* A new World Record in the 100m butterfly of 3 seconds

* Javelin throws of over a mile long

Let’s be honest, with these insane records we probably could get each of the day’s competitions over in 1/2 the time! Not a bad deal really. Like I said if the Russian gymnast want to end up with gonads like 6 year old raisins sitting out in a middle eastern desert, why should I care? If the Russian weightlifters become grotesque elderly with tumors covering their face, when am I ever going to make it to their new home in Chernobyl?

I guess my point is, why do we even care? The organizing federations, governing bodies and sports organizations always turn a blind eye, the athletes that cheat are laughing at us and in the end, is this any less of a charade then the cat and mouse game law enforcement plays with drug dealers? Well, if you are like me, maybe it’s time to start enforcing our will on the outcome of this discussion as the students did at the University of Missouri this week. Protest. And here is how. If you don’t think the Coca-Colas, Nikes and Visas of the world are not influenced by public outrage, tell me why Sepp Blatter is not just a footnote to a horrible episode of As the Money Goes so Goes The Sport, in international soccer.

Use your social media voice and shout out #CocaCola or #Visa and let them know that either they force change through their economic prism or you are done watching the Olympics and supporting their products. Its nice to believe that it is only the Russians, but the truth is that China has an incubator system with hundreds of thousands of athletes and a way to falsify documentation when need be as highlighted by their horrendous gymnastics scandal. Its time to speak up or forever hold your tongue. You decide, do you want the Olympic Games or some type of freakish Hunger Games!