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Celebrity Mom and Olympic Icon Dara Torres Introduces New Health & Fitness App On iTunes

As the first female athlete ever to grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and the oldest competitor to compete in the Olympic Games, Dara Torres knows a thing or two about keeping her body in top physical shape. Now the dynamic celebrity mom will have the opportunity to share her fitness secrets with others through the creation of the Dara Torres Health and Fitness App available as a free download in the App Store for smartphones, iPods, iPads, and Apple TV users. The app offers fitness enthusiasts of all levels the opportunity to get fit using many of the unique training methods utilized by Dara and her celebrity fitness experts who have helped her achieve some of her greatest successes. Dara-Torres-App

Dara has worked together with her strength and conditioning Coach Andy O’Brien and the fitness app guru’s at Appcession to create an interactive set of workouts and health tips. From basic core training and total torso workouts to isolated leg and glutes routines, each interactive set of workouts feature a step-by-step demonstration from Andy and Dara. These workouts are designed to help everyone looking to get in shape or increase their physical fitness. The app’s nutrition section features Dara’s gold medal meal plans, recipes and a personal food journal to allow users to keep track of their own daily meals. “Although I’m a world class athlete, what makes me most proud about my app is that it was designed for people of all levels of physical fitness. Andy and I made a decision we wanted everyone to benefit from the app and not just world class athletes,” commented the 5-time Olympian.

Dara acts as a national spokesperson for the Voices of Meningitis campaign and for USA Swimming’s SwimToday campaign that works to elevate interest in her beloved sport of swimming and encourage kids and their parents to consider the life lessons and fun competition that exists in the sport. In addition to her work with social campaigns and the new app with Appcession, Dara’s current endorsements include Amlactin skincare, Tommie Copper active and compression wear and the healthy-aging company Vestiage.