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How Can You Save An Olympians Life? Social Media!

2016 olympic games

As some of you know I have represented over 300 Olympic athletes with over 150 Olympic medals which, if you compared that to countries, I would be the 25th most medaled country in the world, ever. So I know a thing or two about the Olympics, the politics of the Olympics and the travesty that is becoming #Rio2016!

So, when I was driving 2 of my kids to school today and I was listening to ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning I was surprised to hear Mike Greenberg railing on the International Olympic Committee and the literally piss poor job they are doing in trying to find a new venue for several of the open water events from swimming, sailing to the triathlon due to the raw sewage, dead animal carcasses and debris that exists in these bodies of water (see story for details). When you read that article and see the shit that is in the water you would have to be furious because our athletes and all the athletes will compete in it as they are conditioned to compete and have dedicated their lives similarly to an NFL player that strap on the pads even knowing how bad the realities are of concussions, they still do it. Olympians will enter the water at the risk of illness and possibly death. Why should they?

So I was thrilled to hear Mike Greenberg go on a tirade for 10 minutes about the IOC’s fat cats caring more about money than the athletes. I say don’t forget about the USOC as well. Truth is, the USOC can’t care as much about these athletes as they do the “money sports” of gymnastics, track and indoor pool swimming. Why do I say that? Because has anyone heard a peep from anyone in Colorado Springs, home of the USOC? Not a word. Or at least not an action! The USOC should threaten to pull all athletes from the 2016 Olympic Games unless there is a change of venue. Why sacrifice a few athletes? This alone would force an immediate change. Because if Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix and Simone Biles don’t show up, the sponsors and NBC would go insane! See the chain reaction? It works! Trust me!!!

But here is the power of social media. In the span of 10 minutes, Mike Greenberg suggested that his listeners and viewers tweet #RioWater so we “can tell the world we are serious about the athletes and the horrific conditions in Rio”. And guess what, the hashtag #RioWater became the #1 most tweeted hashtag in the United States in minutes!!! That means millions of Americans heard this and said that these conditions at the 2016 Olympic Games are complete and utter bullshit. The athletes who will compete in these cesspools, we don’t even know these poor kids names or what sport they are competing in, we care about them and their international competitors enough as human beings that we need to do something! That is absolutely incredible and the true power of social media. In the run up to the 50th anniversary of the Superbowl, Donald Trump and his band of fools talking about “half breeds”, the aftermath of a historic snowstorm and America cares about some nameless, faceless athletes possibly dying to fulfill a dream! Mike Greenberg, you are a hero and you have shown what the true Olympic spirit is all about. I have always been a fan, now you just made my Mt. Rushmore of sports! You have done your job soldier, now it is up to the rest of America to fix this shit or we might all have blood on our hands!