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Premier Management Group

Premier Management Group

Bring the Olympic Spirit to your local club team!
The swimming and gymnastics community is a family and nothing inspires our youth more than meeting and spending time with their role models. We help create memories that will last a lifetime.
PMG works directly with coaches and parents to customize the experience according to your club’s needs. We work with clubs of all sizes, budgets, and locations.
A basic clinic format lasts approximately four hours.

Swimming Clinic:
Our professional swimmers will spend the majority of their time providing hands on experience in the water. A motivational talk, Q & A session, and autograph/ picture session is also included. Dryland and nutritional guidance is available upon request. The swimmers are also happy to do a media prior to the event or the day of to help promote your local team!

Gymnastics Clinic:
Our Olympic gymnasts will spend majority of their time working with the team on flexibility, floor, beam, vault or uneven bars. A motivational talk, Q and A session and autograph/picture session is also provided. The gymnasts are also happy to do media prior to the event or the day of to help promote your local team!
Each clinic is customized just for your needs! Whether you are looking for technique work, nutrition, dry land activities, life skills, motivation or a great team building experience to help your athletes reach their goals, we can customize the clinic to help the team succeed!
Contact us today to learn more about clinics, availability and fees of the athletes!!