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Birthday: June 19, 1980
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Residence: Corona Del Mar, CA
Sport: Volleyball

Career Highlights

  • FIVB Tour Champion 2012
  • 2012 Olympian
  • 2008 Olympian
  • AVP Best Defensive Player 2007
  • AVP Best Server 2002
  • FIVB Top Rookie 2002

Sean Rosenthal

Known for his insane vertical leaping ability out of the sand, Rosenthal has been given the nickname “Superman” for his athletic play around the net! Starting at 14 years old, Sean always knew playing on the beach was his destiny. Teamed with Olympic Gold Medalist Phil Dalhausser, the “Thin Beast”, Rosenthal is headed to Rio with the team to beat.

Born in Redondo Beach, California, Sean never played organized volleyball growing up. Instead, he taught himself on local beaches and was driven by a passion for the sport. With six siblings raised by a single mother, Sean matured at an early age, working a morning job to help support his family. Never attending college, Sean began playing professional volleyball at the age of 16 after his AVP debut in 1997. Since then, Rosenthal has received the titles of AVP Best Server (2002) and Best Defensive Player (2007). He was also one of three players that finished ranked in the top 10 on the AVP tour for the five years approaching the 2008 Olympic games. Going into the Beijing games, Sean was ranked No. 7 with his former partner Jake Gibb; the pair ended up finishing 5th. This past summer in London, Rosenthal and Gibb tabbed another 5th place Olympic finish, representing the top finish for the US men in beach volleyball, ahead of the favored Dalhausser and Todd Rogers.

Moving forward, Sean’s 6’3” frame, fierce competitive spirit, and outstanding defensive and serving abilities perfectly compliment Dalhausser’s size and net presence. The two will strive for continued success domestically and internationally with their eyes set on gold in Rio in 2016. In addition to his freakish athletic skills and jumping ability, Rosenthal brings his fans in droves called Rosie’s Raiders which started as local fans but has now exploded into an international base of the most passionate beach volleyball fans in the World.

Outside of volleyball, Sean enjoys golfing and playing basketball. He resides in Corona Del Mar, California.